Prepare to become the bravest Mage in the Village!

Ardmil (Ard to his friends) is the local alchemist's apprentice.


Ard isn't very good at alchemy, though he tries hard to impress his master, a legendary sorcerer named Sigstern who has since fallen on difficult times.  It seems the townsfolk don't believe in alchemy and magic as they once did, and Sigstern has been reduced to practicing his dark arts in secret. 


One day in the lab, Ard realizes that his master has been working on a particular spell.  There are pages of formulas under a vase-sized warp stone.  Ard can see that the old wizard has carved a set of mathematical formulas into the surface of the rock.    


Ard runs his hands over the formulas and the stone comes to life, radiating magic.  The formulas begin to come alive, and swirl around Ard before he realizes what he has done.  Too late... the warp stone explodes with energy, and numbers begin to shoot out of it in all directions in a concussive burst.  Then suddenly, everything is silent. 


Rushing to the window, Ard looks out and over the village.  All seems quiet.  Maybe it was nothing.  Then he hears the roar… and another… and another...


Ard rushes to Sigstern's spell cabinet and grabs Sigstern's casting belt. Attached to it are potions and creatures.  He steadies himself, and then rushes out the door towards the sound of the roar.  It is going to be a long night. 


Control Ard (or Aralon, a girl mage) in this mysterious and fantastic universe to beat the monsters by combining Math and Magic!