Kids discover maths, become self-motivated and have fun!

For kids aged 5-9

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The magic of maths concealed in a fairytale!

Kids help the heroes of the adventure game overcome obstacles. At the same time they unconsciously learn the principles of basic arithmetic and develop their logic skills.



What makes Mathmage unique?

Created in consultation with maths teachers and education experts, drawing on over 80 years of knowledge and research.

Kids are encouraged to learn at their own pace. The maths tasks only become more difficult once the player advances through the game.

The game stimulates the natural curiosity of each child. By discovering maths for themselves, kids become self-motivated without feeling they “have to learn”.

Supporting materials for parents and educators, with advice on encouraging kids to discover maths without using a device while still having fun! (available soon)

Encourages children to practise basic arithmetic and learn new maths skills

Memory games, brain exercises, basic programming games and lots more!

For kids aged 5-9


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Mathmage is an educational game
for kids aged 5-9.

It’s time to put the fun into home maths education!